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Wunderbar ™

Articulating Vehicle Tow Bar

Light, strong and easy to use, with the fastest deployment time of any tow bar in the world.

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The new US Army Battlebar(TM) Tank Articulating Tow Bar (ATB) is not just strong, it’s Wunderbar(TM)!

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  • Strategic Business Development between Government and contractorsProduct Development
  • Custom vehicle build-outs for the Police, FBI, Fire-Rescue and the military
  • Design For Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Vehicle Dynamic Analysis and design/Data collection/Acquisition/ FEA/DADS/LMS
  • Pro Engineer and Industrial Design
  • Laser development support
  • Medical Robotics /laser scanning
  • EOD Robot design
  • Survivability /Ejection Seat simulation
  • Quality Assurance oversight
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At Defense Products and Services Group we create cutting edge solutions to everyday problems impacting the warfighter’s effectiveness.

Our innovative products and services build on proven technologies to meet and exceed current theater requirements.

DPSG has developed and tested a suite of products based on proven technologies and services. We have partnered with companies having consistent track records to meet the warfighter requirements. These products and services can be deployed rapidly and are mil-std-1472 compliant.